With the approaching FAA mandate for ADS-B Out—required January 1, 2020, in most airspace where a transponder is required today—owners need to understand the options. Our ADS-B selection tool will help you determine the best solutions to consider for your aircraft and where you fly.


For your operations, a Mode S Extended Squitter (1090 MHz) ADS-B transceiver is required. Below is a list of available products and the manufacturer’s suggested retail pricing; pricing does not include installation and may or may not include antennas, wiring, and other components. Note: If you own an airplane with an integrated glass cockpit, check with your airframe’s manufacturer for information on available options.

Click on any column header to sort the products by that column. According to AOPA (Thank you for this great chart). Here are the latest ADS-B Mode S Transponders that are available for Certified Aircraft. Oasis Affiliate Network members have the ability to sell all of these units. Please contact us at 404-309-0877 for Sales.

Appareo Stratus ES $2,495 N Y xpdr repl, w/out GPS
Appareo Stratus ESG $2,995 N Y xpdr repl, w/WAAS GPS
Avidyne AXP340 $2,999 N Y xpdr repl
Avidyne AXP322 $2,999 N Y remote
BendixKing KT 74 $2,895 N Y xpdr repl
FreeFlight Systems Rangr FDL-1090-TX $3,995 N Y xpdr repl
Garmin GTX 23ES $2,450 N Y for LSA/Exp
Garmin GTX 33ES $5,450 N Y remote, diversity capable
Garmin GTX 330ES $3,995 N Y xpdr repl; diversity avail
Garmin GTX 345 $4,995 Y Y xpdr repl; dual-band receive; Bluetooth; $5,795 w/opt WAAS GPS
Garmin GTX 345R $4,995 Y Y remote; dual-band receive; Bluetooth; $5,795 w/opt WAAS GPS
Garmin GTX 335 $2,995 N Y xpdr repl; w/ or w/out opt WAAS GPS
Garmin GTX 335R $2,995 N Y remote; $3,795 w/opt WAAS GPS
L3 Aviation Products NGT-9000 $6,170 Y Y xpdr repl, w/WAAS GPS, wifi, MFD/PFD interface, eTAWS, ATAS; diversity model avail
L3 Aviation Products NGT-9000+ $7,925 Y Y xpdr repl, w/active traff, WAAS GPS, wifi, MFD/PFD interface, eTAWS, ATAS; diversity model avail
Trig Avionics TT22 $2,295 N Y remote
Trig Avionics TT31 $2,595 N Y xpdr repl


MSRP: Manufacturer’s suggested retail price does not include installation. May not include antennas, installation kits, control heads, or other required accessories; check with individual manufacturers.

Wx: Unit is ADS-B In capable, able to receive subscription-free FIS-B weather and ADS-B traffic information.

Notes: Diversity—ADS-B antennas on both bottom and top of aircraft (required in the United States only for TCAS II-equipped aircraft); Dual band—receives both 978UAT and 1090ES datalinks; Opt wifi—optional WiFi capability for data display on tablet or smartphone; Remote—remote mount, with control head or control through other avionics; Xpdr repl—replaces existing transponder

Manufacturers: Contact to request updates, corrections, or to add any missing products.

According to an August 2017 FAA legal interpretation, ADS-B equipped aircraft must emit the Flight ID that corresponds to what is provided on that aircraft’s flight plan. For example, if the aircraft is registered as N12345 but will be flying on a flight plan using a callsign, such as ARF123, the pilot must ensure their ADS-B system is emitting that callsign, i.e., ARF123, during that flight. When considering what ADS-B equipment to buy, it is important to consider whether you will need to change your Flight ID routinely and whether the ADS-B product will allow you to do so in an easy manner.

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