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Need some Installation Support?

Download this installation tips and sales info for more information. GNS Swap for IFD Navigator with tech tips

Avidyne GNS Swap Tech Support Request

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IFD-GNS SWAP Check list-we suggest this before calling tech support

1.Obtain List of Equipment Connected to GNS, antennas, encoders, audio panel, traffic system, XM weather, autopilot, etc.

2.Take pictures with your phone of the GNS configurations, set-up configurations of transponders, traffic and other items.

3.Call Oasis Aviation Network Tech support for step-by-step guidance and install Estimate based on info gathered above

4.Log into Oasisnetworkusa.com and download installation manual, pilot guide and RTS docs for IFD replacement

5.Send IPAD IFD APP pilot training guide to customer

  1. OAN will provide quote and installation estimate for you should you want us to.

7.Order online and we will open a ticket for your installation to walk you through any issues/questions you may have!

Avidyne Tech Support

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