What is the cost to get ADS-B compliant in my airplane? This question is asked multiple times per day and our team has the same answer: What do you want? (Installation ranges from $4500 to $8500 plus tax…)

The customer usually has no idea. This is our opportunity as the avionics installation technician and Oasis Affiliate Network member to guide the customer a simple, timely and cost effective solution.

Be sure to ask the following questions: do you fly with Foreflight or an ADS-B IN option like a Stratus 2s or 3? Do you have a WAAS/GPS navigator? These simple questions will guide you in to the solution:

If he/she does not have WAAS/GPS, then choose an ADS-B transponder with built in GPS like the Stratus ESG, GTX 335. or L3 NGT-9000. If he wants ADS-B IN, add the Stratus 3 to the ESG or suggest the NGT-9000, as it has both built in.

If your customer already has a Stratus 2s or 3, then add the connector kit for $150 to hard wire the power to the Stratus ESG. This way he can leave the ADS-B antenna in the airplane.

When ordering, choose the right one for your customer and schedule his installation around other maintenance, such as an annual-this will reduce downtime and give you extra time to complete the job effectively.

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Jason McKee

Director of Sales

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