Network Partners

These network partner companies provide aviation services for Oasis Aviation Network members to better support their business and customers.

Aircraft Services

Insurance, testing services, accounting, interior, paint and other services and companies. 

Insurance Services

John Averill


john.averill (at)


Engine Repair and Overhauls

Complete engine overhaul facility for aircraft.

3439 S. Aviation Drive, Burlington, NC 27215
Burlington-Alamance Regional Airport (KBUY)
Phone (336) 227-1467 or (800) 334-6437


Quantum-MX Maintenance Program

Complete aircraft maintenance tracking and work order system for shops.

Quantum MX Website

91.411 and 91.413 Certifications

Mobile services for certifications.

part 145 CRS Training

Certified Repair Station Manual Writing Assistance, safety and FAA regulations training.

$499 per year to advertise

Reach Us

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13005 Greenville Avenue,
California, TX 70240

+22 140 006 754

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