Stratus ESG and 3i Kit

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Stratus ESGi is a kit that contains two products: a certified Stratus ESG transponder, and a non-certified ADS-B receiver

Stratus ESG (ADS-B OUT)
> Certified 1090ES transponder
> Built-in WAAS GPS
> GPS Antenna Included

A&P installation required and A&P number must be provided before shipment.

Stratus 3i (ADS-B IN)
> Non-certified receiver made only for Stratus ESG
> Backup AHRS
> Integrated with ForeFlight on iPad
> Requires connection to Stratus ESG

Not only does Stratus 3 deliver subscription-free weather, dual-band ADS-B traffic and WAAS GPS information to your flight app, the built-in AHRS technology also drives a very responsive pitch and bank instrument within the apps that support it. Essentially a “backup glass cockpit” on your iPad, this provides an excellent backup for emergency situations.


Open ADS-B Mode
Stratus 3 can be configured to work with other popular flight apps using the industry-standard GDL 90 protocol by enabling Open ADS-B Mode. > View app list.

Smart WiFi
Allows you to use 3G/4G LTE internet on your iPad while connected to Stratus 3.

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