RMA (Repair Request)

Please complete this form to start the RMA process.

STEP 1: Pay for RMA via shopping cart and write down Order number ( if not a OAN member, we will contact you for payment)

STEP 2: Complete RMA request form listed below and insert Order number into form

STEP 3: Our RMA processing team will send you the RMA # and shipping address via email

STEP 4: Repaired units will be sent to our dealership address and we will then send the repaired unit to the shipping address on the Order # provided

STEP 5: If the unit in unrepairable, we will notify you with instructions (given by the manufacturer) and credit the repair cost to future purchases/repairs

Email Us

Contact Form. Please complete and we will contact you ASAP to create a ticket with the manufacturer.

Garmin Repair RMA Request Form

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Aspen/Avidyne RMA Request Form

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