About The Network

Oasis Affiliate Network is a collection of avionics installation facilities, engine repair centers, aircraft maintenance service centers and industry support services. The Oasis Affiliate Network was created to minimize the costs for maintenance facilities while improving the availability of service to aircraft owners.

In less than 12 months, the Oasis Affiliate Network has expanded into over 40 locations in 20 states. The collection of service centers support over 1,400 general aviation aircraft and helicopters. The Network has created a foundation of qualified service centers to install the much-needed and FAA required ADS-B OUT transponders.

The Aircraft Electronics Association, AEA, has agreed to provide academic training rates for all courses, including the most popular and time-relevant ADS-B installation course.

Oasis Affiliate Network provides multiple services for Affiliates including: marketing, advertising, training, administrative services, product warranty processing and career placement.

The goal of the Network is to assist grow small, independent shops, repair stations and qualified installation technicians’ businesses by providing access to parts, services, training and support.

If you are interested in growing your business or opening a new aviation repair center, avionics installation center, or repair station, give us a call at 404-309-0877 and ask for Jason McKee.

Jason McKee

Oasis Affiliate Network