Oasis Aviation Network offers avionics training and product education support and installation support for avionics shops, flight schools, fleet owners and warbird private collectors, repair stations and maintenance shops. Our members can purchase avionics products from every manufacturer and we assist installations with compatibility, manuals, software and phone technical support on all the products purchased.

The Oasis Aviation Network has expanded to 195 locations in 39 states and now 3 international locations. The collection of service centers support over 4,400 general aviation aircraft and helicopters. The Network has created a foundation of qualified service centers to install the much-needed and FAA required ADS-B OUT transponders, but has grown into providing nearly everything needed at a general aviation aircraft panel. The OAN now offers paid membership to specialty services, such as paint and interior service centers, insurance companies and engine repair companies.

Oasis Aviation Network provides multiple services for Affiliates including: marketing, advertising, training, administrative services, product warranty processing and career placement.

The goal of the Oasis Aviation Network is to avionics support to flight schools, fleet owners, war bird museums and collectors,  assist grow small, independent shops, repair stations and qualified installation technicians’ businesses by providing access to parts, services, training and support.

If you are interested in growing your business or opening a new aviation repair center, avionics installation center, or repair station, give us a call at 404-309-0877 and ask for Jason McKee.

Jason McKee

Oasis Aviation Network