The Oasis Affiliate Network is pleased to announce The STC Group, LLC, are now an Oasis Affiliate Network member serving the Western USA for avionics installations, primarily featuring ADS-B solutions!

This new member is the STC holder for the Trio Autopilot system, as well as a great location for additional avionics product installations. OAN members have full access to the experimental lines from all manufacturers.

An Oasis Affiliate Network Member is typically a service center who is located in a small to medium size airfield and has existing customers who need avionics, ADS-B transponders and specialty parts including Aspen Avionics, Avidyne Avionics, Trio AutoPilots, Mid-continental radios and parts, EDMO parts, Stratus Avionics, L3 Avionics, Trig Avionics and Dynon Experimental Avionics.

Call The STC Group, LLC today at 1-888-350-2998 to schedule your ADS-B and avionics installation. The STC Group, LLC is based at Oxnard Airport in California.

Remember, the FAA $500 rebate is expiring soon!

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