Avionics Installation Technician (AIT)

NCATT-AET Certification Avionics Installation Technician (AIT) course.

Achieve over 600 hours of hands-on instruction changing an analog aircraft to complete digital Garmin G3X system with dual Nav/Coms, Audio Panel, Transponder and 2 Auto pilot. This course is designed to take you from little to no avionics installation experience to a certified Avionics Installation Technician for general aviation aircraft. We include free job assistance placement as well as your AET certification and FCC Elements. Call today for more information 404-309-0877 or visit www.LearnAvionics.com

Class Reviews

A very good foundation and understanding of avionic systems integration with other peripheral I/O devices and all associated programming functionality. FIVE STAR REVIEW

Gene C.

Avionics Tech, Eagles of America

I went from not touching avionics to now having confidence and some skill to start on small avionics projects. FIVE STAR REVIEW

Rodney M.

A&P/IA, Director of Maintenance, Red Tails Scholarship

Online Avionics Training Courses

Choose from planning avionics to basic wiring and soldering techniques to advanced courses. Also location to sign up for in-person.


Online Training Courses


Avionics Training Courses

Online courses designed to assist in modern avionics installation. We support all products we sell with training and technical support.

Choose from basic wiring and connecting, project planning, business operations to more advanced courses:

Garmin G5 units with GMU 11 and GAD29B autopilot interface

Transponder Installations

Avidyne IFD 440/540 Navigators

Audio Panels and Transponders

Garmin GFC 500 Autopilot

Garmin G3X integration and configurations

Many more in development!



Avidyne Certified Installer Course

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Oasis Aviation Network has partnered with AVOTEK to provide online courses to help study for the AET course.

Learn Avionics LLC training courses are designed for aircraft maintenance professionals to learn practical and hands-on avionics installation techniques, skills and configuration problem solving to achieve success in the avionics installation field.

Location of Course:

Oasis Aviation Maintenance

28 Dale Pepper Drive

Newnan, GA 30263

Call 404-309-0877 for more details