Oasis Aviation Maintenance is proud to now offer Trig Avionics to our Oasis Affiliate Network Members! This fantastic line of transponders is a perfect solution to become compliant for ADS-B Out mandate! Retail is $2295, this little beauty fits in tight spaces and is a great solution for airplane owners with little panel space.

Trig Avionics

TT22 MODE S TRANSPONDER/Complete kit. Includes: transponder, TC20 Control head, install kit, install manual, mounting tray, OP manual and certification paperwork.

EDMO #: 00772-00
MFR #: 00772-00
Alt #: N/A

The TT22 is a compact two-part Mode S transponder system that meets the FAA’s requirements for an ADS-B Out compliant solution when paired with a certified WAAS GPS. The control head has an integrated altitude encoder, which saves additional space and weight. Fitting in the tightest of panel space, the separate hardware box can be installed anywhere in the airframe. With a 250 watt power output, the TT22 is a classified Class 1 transponder* and can be used in any light sport and GA aircraft operating above 15,000 feet at speeds greater than 175 knots. It features simple operation and a clear and bright display, with manual dimming, which makes it easy to read in all lighting conditions. The control head is splash proof — a perfect fit for use in open cockpit and seaplane operations.
A free FAA STC allows the TT22 to be installed as a compliant ADS-B Out solution in 576 aircraft types. The TT22 is compatible with many popular GPS position sources including Garmin GNS and GTN navigators and the Trig TN70.
The TT22 complete kit (00772-00) includes the TC20 control head, transponder unit and tray, install kit, installation and user manuals, and an EASA Form 1.
  • FAA TSO C166b Class 1 device—2020 mandate ready. Free FAA ADS-B STC covers 576 aircraft types
  • Compatible GPS units: Trig TN70 WAAS/GPS Receiver & Antenna kit (EDMO# 01381-00), Garmin GTN/GNS WAAS navigators, FreeFlight 1201 and NexNav Mini
  • Fits in a standard 57 mm round instrument hole, requiring less panel space
  • Integrated altitude encoder
  • Certified for IFR/VFR flight
  • Certified Class 1 transponder with 250 watts nominal output power
  • Manual adjustment for backlight adjustment
  • Compact and lightweight—weighing only 440g (0.8 lb)
  • Low power consumption
  • 1090ES ADS-B Out capable
  • EASA ETSO and FAA TSO Certification – includes TSO C166b the latest ADS-B standard
  • Free European Minor Change approvals
  • Free FAA ADS-B STC for 576 aircraft types
*Customers in the U.S. should be aware that the FAA, Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) 91.227, requires that a compliant ADS-B Out solution use a Class 1 transponder in U.S. controlled airspace. The TT22 is a Class 1 device and meets this requirement. The FAA has stated that Class 1 transponders must be used to be 2020 compliant in U.S. controlled airspace.
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